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Montreal - Corruption and Evil

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One of the definitions of corruption is "perversion of integrity".  Another is "dishonest proceedings".

One of the definitions of evil is "morally wrong or bad".  Another is "characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering". 

Both of these words apply to the draconian animal control law passed by Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and the tame,boot-licking City councillors (aka the Minions) which includes "breed" specific legislation ("BSL").  

This corrupt and evil law affects ALL pet owners, not just those of dogs of a certain shape.  The way I read it, there are provisions that ALL pet owners should know about.

  • Restrictions on pets that ban fish and crustaceans.  Well, no more lobster from restaurant tanks for Denis. Get rid of your aquariums in homes and businesses.

  • A four-pet limit with no grandfathering for existing pets and no exemption for fostering rescued animals.

  • Making the feeders of feral cat colonies the "owners" of the colonies and therefore possibly responsible for sterilizing, microchipping, vaccinating and licensing the colony members.
  • The other option is that feral cats may be killed wholesale as "strays".

  • Kennels, catteries and hutches (defined as a place where at least three unsterilized dogs, cats or rabbits are kept under custody of where are advertised or offered for sale or for free an unsterilized dog, cat or rabbit) are banned (which may be a big surprise to purebred catteries);

  • Mandatory annual licensing that requires sterilization and vaccination, with no understanding of the impact of sterilization (read here for dogs) and vaccination, especially for cats (look up injection site sarcoma), and no provision of no- or low-cost veterinary clinics for the less fortunate to have their animals prepared for licensing.  You get nothing for your license money, by the way.  No ride home if your dog or cat is found stray.  It's a Montreal fee grab.
  • Warrantless entry on demand which you cannot refuse to a City of Montreal "competent authority", who is NOT a veterinarian and NOT a police officer and which can include a Berger Blanc for-profit high-kill pound employee or representative, can order the killing of any animal.  THERE IS NO APPEAL PROCESS.
    • Owners of short-haired stocky dogs and anyone who exceeds the four-pet limit or owns one or more animals not in the permitted list should beware.  One of the first dogs seized under Ontario's BSL was a purebred Labrador Retriever.

Democracy is dead in Montreal.  Je me souviens when we were all equal under the law.  In Montreal, no more.

We know about whipped votes in Ontario, and this was a whipped vote.  I think it was a case of "Defy Denis and you die", politically.  

Montreal had the chance to be an incredibly enlightened community like Calgary, with effective legislation and self-sustaining animal control (which the taxpayers would love). Coderre and the Minions blew it.

Instead, Mayor Denis Coderre's heel, with the collusion of his well-trained, tame, boot-licking councillors, will crush the rights and freedoms of law-abiding pet owners.  

Coderre and the Minions have entrenched animal cruelty in law.  

This evil and corrupt law will create the dangerous dogs they purportedly want to control and kill innocent dogs solely because of the way the dogs look (thereby benefiting a for-profit kill pound, Berger Blanc, that has a history of animal cruelty allegations).

Coderre and his minions want to deprive the 97.7% of dog owners that are law-abiding citizens of their rights because:

(a)  they're cowardly - they won't admit that the City of Montreal failed Mme Christine Vadnais and indirectly caused her death with its failure to enforce its then-existing dog laws; and,

(b)  they're lazy - they won't take the time to inform themselves and then pass breed-neutral legislation that is effective and fiscally responsible. 

They'd rather stomp on law-abiding people and thei
r dogs, take the photo ops and sound bites they can get, because they're lazy and cowardly, arrogant and egotistical.

Coderre and his Minions refuse to answer questions from the public and in fact have repeatedly cut off or refused to hear citizens who exercise their democratic right to ask questions of government.

Coderre and his Minions refuse to name the so-called "experts" who advocate failed, fiscally irresponsible legislation.

Coderre and his Minions have entrenched in my mind that the City of Montreal is to be avoided at all costs, because democracy does not rule there.  Only the Rule of Coderre seems to count, and I won't visit a city with a tin pot little tyrant (emphasis on little) running the show.

If it weren't for the horrors that the City of Montreal, courtesy of Coderre and the Minions, plans to inflict on law-abiding dog owners, the webcast of the Montreal city council proceedings today would have been seen as a comedy show.  

Some woman (missed her name) saying emotion shouldn't enter into this and then going straight for the emotional play by using the name of Mme Vadnais.  Something about her dog getting bitten by a "pit bull".  Well, lady, my dog got bitten by a non-"pit bull".  Where's your sympathy for me,or do you save it all for yourself? Might have been two women; I may have nodded off during a shift change.

Anie Samson read straight from the dogsbite.org playbook (for those of you unfamiliar with dogsbite.org, it is a dog-hating site with absolutely no credibility among intelligent, knowledgeable people) and mangled the names of dog breeds.  We were taking bets on which myth she'd spout next.

Some guy (missed his name) saying his children asked him to vote against it but he was going to vote for it.  YO.  Take your children to watch dogs and cats die under the law you voted for, if you're so proud of what you're doing.  All the councillors who voted for this law should take their children, grandchildren and neighbours' children to watch dogs and cats and kittens and puppies die under the law they voted for, if they're so proud.

A couple of Minions I napped through, because I could predict what they were going to say.  Myth, myth, myth.

Some guy (missed his name) who thinks he knows genetics because his wife studied genetics.  Um, sweetie; unless she's a veterinarian, she studied human genetics.  You know, the bipedals that are the most vicious creatures on the planet?

Then, Mr. Tin Pot Tyrant himself, spouting nonsense and doing his best huff and puff. This guy quotes numbers with no proof whatsoever.  Is he making them up as he goes?  He's shameless; his source has been thoroughly debunked.  Whatever, Dennis The Menace.  Go buy another poo statue or some more concrete tree stumps.

A lot of Hail Mary passes going on during the whole stultifying speechifying.

Many, many thanks to the enlightened individuals who spoke against this corrupt and evil law.  I am now a member of Project Montreal, as they were against this by-law from the start.

If this is new to you, read End The Debate, by the Montreal SPCA.

If you oppose legislation that deprives law-abiding people of their rights and innocent dogs of their lives, there are several petitions you can sign.

My Montreal Includes All Dogs

Safer Kinder Communities (from the Montreal SPCA)

For my U.S. friends:
Montreal Banned Pit Bulls So We Ban Montreal

There's a simple answer to the evil and corrupt law passed by Montreal city council.
Don't go there.  Don't spend a cent going to or in Montreal.
Montreal relies heavily on tourism for revenue.  Hit 'em in the wallet.

And with the money you save....
Please donate to the legal challenge of Montreal's corrupt and evil legislation (my words).  
PLEASE wait for information from the Dog Legislation Council of Canada.  Don't give money away to shysters and frauds on GoFundMe and other crowdfunding websites.

Addendum:  The campaign by Roger Giraldeau against the Boucherville dog by-law is legitimate.  Mr. Giraldeau has engaged Julius Gray, a renowned Quebec lawyer, to fight this battle.

Let's take 'em to church and ring their bells.

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