Friday, September 30, 2016

Best Laff of the Week!

The mayor of Kitchener, Ontario thinks that "bullets bounce off pit bulls' skulls".  

Listen (around 5:05) and try not to fall off your chair laughing.

The Current

Why does this mayor think it's difficult to regulate owners?  That's what informed jurisdictions do, and they have breed-neutral legislation that is effective, enforceable and fiscally responsible.

Someone should remind Kitchener's mayor that dog bites are UP, despite Ontario's "breed" (more properly, "type") specific legislation.

The only truly dangerous thing in this province is misinformation. 

Cheri DiNovo was brilliant, as always.  She is absolutely right - regard only the behaviour of the dog and its owner, not the shape of the dog.

Try not to throw up listening to Denis Coderre, who never met a microphone or camera he didn't like.  And the dog "expert" who provided Coderre's "statistics" has been thoroughly debunked.  In fact, Coderre refused to take advice from true dog experts, despite multiple offers from reputable organizations. 

Bronwen Dickey was great, as is her meticulously researched and well-written book "Pit Bull:  The Battle Over an American Icon".

Get a grip, people.  They're just dogs.  Not superbeings, not bulletproof.

Put the blame where it belongs.  On the HUMAN owner.
Not on the shape of the dog.

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