Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coderre and Minions Making It Impossible for Dog Owners to Get Special Permits

The City of Montreal is clearly trying to stop dog owners from obtaining special permits for their dogs.  Any reference to "ask the city" results in zero information and zero assistance.

Coderre and his tame councillors should remember to whom they answer - the citizens of Montreal.

One person's experience, which is not isolated in the least.  The Mayor won't answer, "For"-voting councillors won't answer, 311 is worse than useless.

"I called 311. I waited 15 minutes for the line. I was shaking. The man was very unpleasant.  [underlining mine]

The 3-hour block I am given to apply in my borough is October 7, 1-4pm.

I asked how I can know whether to buy a regular or a special permit: They don't have any details, perhaps next week. I explained I needed to know now to prepare for next week. He told me not to panic, bylaw only starts next week... [underlining mine]

I asked if my criminal background check done 9 months ago for employment is sufficient or if I have to go run another one. He didn't know. [underlining mine]

I asked what kind of ID is admissible: does it have to have a photo, an address: Doesn't know.
[underlining mine]

I asked what kind of proof of residency is required: Doesn't know.
[underlining mine]

I asked if there will be other dates available, and why I was limited to 3 hours this month. He told me to ask the city.
" [underlining mine]

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